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Whatever good things we build end up building us. Jim Rohn

Omniplans in short

Omniplans develops sustainable projects and solutions, from planning an area or region, developing sustainable infrastructure, to corporate sustainability management and corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable development is central to our analysis and development of projects and strategies, not because it is politically correct, green or humane, but because if interpreted correctly, if developed and applied according to the characteristics and culture of a place or a company, it increases its performance, efficiency and quality.

Omniplans deals with: (for more details visit the page services)

- Consulting and development of sustainability strategies, CSR, business cultural assessment

- Real estate investment analysis, project development and management, green property appraisal

- Planning and sustainable urban and rural development, urban cultural DNA assessment

- Urban intelligence (data gathering, analysis), urban psychology

- Sustainable tourism and leisure development

- Socio-demographic, economic and cultural analyses


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